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Is it possible to find emails within a company search or list?

No. Not directly.

You can't directly enrich Account Searches with emails.

In order to find an email, Evaboot absolutely needs to attach it to a person.

And for that it needs:
First name of the person
Last name of the person
The Company website (or at least the company name)

You could ultimately find emails from a company search though, but not directly.

For that, on Sales navigator you need to:

Make an account search
Create an account list from this account search
Make a lead search based off your account list
Extract the lead search with Evaboot

We describe the entire process in this video (starts at 40:38)

This technique is way better as you will be able to decide exactly which decision maker you want to contact (instead of getting random leads among the company employees).

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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