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Pay As You Go VS Subscription: What is the difference?

First off, Pay as you go and Subscription provide the exact same Evaboot service.

The main difference is simply the way you will buy your credits and the price per credit unit.

With Subscriptions:

You get charged every month
Your Evaboot credits are automatically renewed every month
Made for recurring & predictable need
Price per credit is lower
You loose your credits when you cancel your subscription

With Pay as you go:

You get charged only once
Your Evaboot credits are provided at once and not renewed every month
Made for people with non recurring & unpredictable need
Price per credit is higher
You keep your credits for life

When you buy a Pay As You Go package. You can ignore the "per month" on the payment page

It's a display problem we currently have with our payment system (Stripe).

You will not get charged again with a Pay as you Go.

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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