You may have come across this message on Evaboot:

"This extraction exceeds Linkedin daily limitation. 24 hours extraction capacity reached"

Indeed, Evaboot puts a daily limit to protect your Linkedin account from getting restricted.

On Evaboot the daily limit is set to 2500 per 24 hours per LinkedIn account.

The daily limit imposed by Evaboot is actually coming from LinkedIn themselves.

If you try to extract more than 2500 results per 24 hours on Evaboot: you will put your LinkedIn account at risk.

2500 extracted results per 24 hours is the highest capacity available for enriched extraction.

Enriched extraction = Full Lead data + Full Company data

Other tools may allow you to extract more.

But, it will only extract the basic and sometimes wrong data displayed on your Sales navigator search.

The basic data includes:
Sales Navigator URL
Job position
Company name

With only basic data, you will not get:

LinkedIn URL
Company Website (this one is important to find the email of your leads)
Company LinkedIn URL
Company Location
Company Industry
Company Size
Exact number of employees in the company
Profile picture URL
Number of connection
Company Type
Company creation date
Company description
Company Specialties

Only sticking to the basic data is a problem because:
You will not get insurance of qualified leads & companies (see more on this article)
You will decrease your email finding discovery rate by 20% on average (due to missing some critical data info)
You will not be able to personalize and segment precisely your outreach campaigns
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