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How Does Evaboot Verify Emails?

How does the email verifier work?

In your file you will find mentions:

safe: the email is highly safe to use.
riskier: the email is riskier to use. With a 0 to 25% chance of potential bounce. Use those ones with better caution.

What are the techniques used to verify the emails?

Evaboot uses a lot techniques to verify the validity of your emails.

1. SMTP validation

Remove dead, invalid, and unresponsive emails from your list.

2. MX record check

An MX record check lets us confirm the email is in use and able to accept mail.

3. Catch-all check

We check against known catch-all email and domain databases.

4. Domain check

Our algorithm checks whether the email’s domain is real.

5. Spam traps

Use our smart spam trap indicators to remove honeypots.

6. Disposable check

We can detect temporary, disposable, and questionable emails.

7. Syntax check

We check that the email is typed correctly and all symbols are in place.

8. Graylist-proof

We can verify some of the most hard to check ESP's.

9. Risk Validation

Get rid of emails containing high-risk keywords and TLDs.

Updated on: 22/11/2023