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How To Use Evaboot as a Team?

Evaboot Team Feature allows you to easily distributes credits to your teammates and see the extraction they launch.

1. Create a Team

To create a team, click on Team > Create a Team.

2. Invite your teammates

Once your team is created, you can start inviting your teammates.

When you invite them you fill in:

Name (no spaces allowed)
Email (they will receive an email invitation)

You can't invite paid users to your team. One account must pay the credits for all the teammates.

There are 2 different roles:

User: can only see his own export
Admin: can see everyone's exports.

Only the Owner of the team can buy credits.

Once you invite them, teammates will receive an email with an invitation link.

They must sign up or login using this link to incorporate the team.

It will not work if they sign up or log in without using the link.

3. Share credits with your teammates

When they connect, your teammates will gain access to your credits.

4. Monitor the activity of the team

Once your team starts exporting leads, Owner and Admins can see their exports.

For that, simply pick a teammate's name in the dropdown on the right.

You can also navigate through their different folders using the dropdown on the left.

5. Delete your team

If you want to delete your team, simply click on the cross at the top right:

You must delete your team before you cancel your subscription or delete your account.

Updated on: 09/02/2024