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I Don't Have a Recurring Need For Credits: What Should I Do?

Evaboot doesn't offer one time purchase anymore.

However, you can still easily manage non-recurrent scraping needs with the tool.

2 things for that:

Take a subscription and cancel it right away
Credits roll over
Use "Renew Now"
Pause your subscription

1. Take a subscription and cancel it right away

When you take a subscription and cancel it right away you have one month to use the credits.

This is ideal for short-term needs.

You cancel right after payment but going to "My Account"

2. Credits Roll Over

If you have too many credits at the end of the month,** they will be kept on your account.** You don't lose them.

3. Use "Renew Now"

Already subscribe and need more credits right now?

No problem.

You can use the "Renew Now" button on "My Account" to renew your subscription today.

It will instantly give you the amount of your credits renewal and reset your renewal date to today's date.

4. Pause your subscription

Got too much credit?

No problem.

When you got an overload you can also pause your subscription.

For that you must:

- Go to "My Account"
- Click on Cancel
- Click on Pause
- Select the duration of the pause (1, 2 or 3 months)

Updated on: 09/04/2024